a very bassike christmas with mary lou ryan

December 06, 2019

bassike co-founder mary lou ryan, together with her partner scott and children barney, bobby and agnes, shares her cherished holiday memories, how her family is spending christmas day, and why it’s important to give back this festive season.


It’s important to me to teach my children about the joy of not only receiving gifts but the joy in giving and this can be your time.


what are you most looking forward to this holiday season?

the family road trip to melbourne. there’s nothing quite like being on the road, listening to music, talking, singing, eating yummy packed lunches and keeping life simple.


what is your favourite christmas tradition?

growing up, my brother and i would sit by the tree and talk about christmas. i don’t really remember what we would talk about, but we would sit there for hours. it’s a memory i hold close to my heart, and to this day, we still make time to talk about christmas.


what is your most cherished holiday memory?

we love being together as a family. we are quite adventurous – so having the time and space to be present with each other without the day to day rush of life is what i cherish most about the holidays.


what does christmas mean to you?

a very special time to spend with family and friends.

what will you be giving this christmas and how do you do so in a conscious and sustainable way?

it’s important to me to teach my children about the joy of not only receiving gifts but the joy in giving and this can be your time. having children, you certainly think about other children who are less fortunate. the mirabel foundation does incredible work in this space, helping to support children who have been orphaned due to parental drug use. this year, we will be supporting them in their cause with the purchase of our limited edition mini christmas print t.shirts, the proceeds of which go directly to the foundation.


how will your family be celebrating this christmas?

our christmas day is spent with my big family and a few extras - a nice way to break up the family dynamic! we gather together and sit down for a beautiful lunch, followed by the giving of gifts and then the guitars and other instruments come out as my brother leads the ryan family christmas song! i’m looking forward to him adding agnes to the song this year.


what is your favourite dish to prepare for christmas lunch?

my partner scott is an incredible cook, so there’s not much room for me in the kitchen. he cooks the most incredible christmas ham!


what are your must-haves for holiday event hosting?

a good cocktail to start. we’ve already been testing the spicy margaritas!


what is your approach to holiday dressing?

we spend so much time at the beach over summer, so i tend to wear lots of lightweight cottons.


how do you rejuvenate and refresh in the new year?

spending longs days on the beach, quiet afternoons at home and heading to bed early.

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photographs by claudia smith